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Friday, October 3, 2008

Raise the bar, expose vice presidential incompetence

If Thursday's US vice presidential debate is anyway to measure Joe Biden and Sarah Palins's competence, then it clearly missed the mark. (READ THE TRANSCRIPT HERE)

The standards were at an all time low given that all they had to do was to avoid making serious blunders. It was acting par excellence. We know Joe Biden as a barrel of gaffes, but on Thursday all he had to do was keep the lid tightly sealed lest he starts spinning another one of his many "tales" that portray him as a loose cannon.

On the other hand, Sarah Palin's job was easy - keep to the script prepared by the McCain team but throw in one or two "Joe six packs" while portraying the image of a hockey mom. She succeeded in being gaffe free but was short on substance.

She Started with a disclaimer to the effect that she may not answer questions the way PBS's Gwen Ifill (the moderator) and Joe Biden may want to hear, but rather will talk straight to the American people to let them know her track record. It fell flat. Only 36 percent of 611 adult debate watchers surveyed by CNN said Palin did a good job. 51% of those polled said that Biden did the best job. The poll had a sampling error of 4%.

However gaffe free, the whole debate did not give voters clear cut distinctions on the visions and policies the two candidates brought to the table. It was all about being careful not to play into your opponents hands and sticking to the script.

Maverick, Please!

On being mavericks, Joe Biden, slammed the republicans saying that they were "no maverick on the issues that matter to people lives," Palin was on the defensive saying she and John McCain were a team of Mavericks
"We're known for putting partisan politics aside to just get the job done," she said.

Last week John McCain was seriously criticized for scuttling the financial bailout talks in Washington by "throwing in politics" in serious matters that were going on well without him. (READ THE DEBATE TRANSCRIPT HERE)


Anonymous said...

I'm not American and started out neutral when beginning to follow the election hype. For most of us "outsiders" all that matters is that Bush will be replaced.
However after watching a few speeches and what-not, I can't stand Sarah Palin or John McCain. All they seem to want to do is criticize the other side and then use lies and exaggerations to do it. Unfortunately it makes them look like prize idiots. For example I heard one or the other say on at least 3 occasions that Obama wants to raise taxes for Americans. Are they that stupid that they think he said that, or do they think the people listening are that stupid?
Either way I have no respect for them, and coming from a religeous background I'm astounded by the inferences I'm hearing about the church going folk in America being their supporters!
I don't think that Americans are buying their lies, and unless they start talking straight they'll be wearing silver medals come November 5th, and good job!

Anonymous said...

I am not an U.S. citizen.

However, I would like to comment given the interdependent world we live in and how the U.S. affects the rest of the world.

Sarah Palin strikes me as ignorant, sometimes I feel she is speaking without really knowing what she is talking about. Stats and figures anyone can memorize, but understanding issues are quite different. I particularly find ridiculous how she associates her role in Alaska which neighbors Canada and the maritime border with Russia gives her any accreditation of foreign affairs. I have lived in four different continents, does that make me ready to be United Nations Secretary General? Ridiculous.

As for Biden, he showed too much restraint given that popular opinion of him that he would gaff. Due to that restraint he did not challenge Palin enough, and her commments did not have substance.

Ultimately, my fear is, the VP has a role in the Executive branch but not the Legislative branch. VP Cheney was very good in ignoring this limitations. It seems Palin wants to do the same "creative" interpretation. Can the U.S. afford this type of leadership?

Even more terrifying, can you imagine her as President of the United States?

Biden: Too restrained.
Palin: No substance.

Everyone talks about leaving politics aside, but they are politicians, this is just a good sound byte. They can't leave politics aside, they just can't admit it neither.

I have to say: You should count how many time Palin tried to defend her status quo, if she has to work so hard in proving she is qualified, I think it indicates she is not.