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Friday, October 31, 2008

Kenya's Leading Paper (The Standard) Endorse Barack Obama for President

The Standard, a Kenyan Newspaper whose tagline reads "for fairness and justice" has endorsed Barack Obama for the Presidency of the United States. The Standard joins numerous other Newspapers and media houses around the world who have publicly declared their support for the democratic party candidate.

However, this particular endorsement is not surprising given Senator Obama's roots to Kenya, a country in which his father (Barack Obama Snr) was born. Such a befitting endorsement would only come naturally.

The newspaper said "Fittingly, Obama’s rallying call is hope. Our endorsement of Obama for President, which we present unequivocally, is because we believe he is the right man for the job"

"Barack Obama, who traces his roots to this country (Kenya).....represents the best of America and its values. As US newspaper editors endorsing his candidacy have agreed: "He is no lone rider. He is a consensus builder, a leader."

The paper praised Obama for his support for press freedom. In 2006, Kenyan media was up in arms due to what they called "Suppression of press freedom" after masked gunmen invaded The Standard Group and confiscated computers, destroyed newspapers and other media equipment. The attack happened just before Senator Obama's African tour in 2006.

"His character and temperament in the gruelling campaigns have impressed all. As for the ideas and values he articulates, we are proud to have heard first-hand of his support for Press freedoms when he visited the Standard Group’s offices in 2006, not long after an illegal police raid."

The paper described Obama as "the best man to fix the mess" that has been created by the Bush administration over the last 8 years.

"In these troubled times of America’s diminished influence overthe world, he (Senator Obama) presents the best chance to fix the mess that the US has put itself, and in turn, the world."

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"Obama’s complex heritage offers him a perspective bereft of the baggage that has burdened and blighted his opponent’s campaign. Judging from the way he has run for office, Obama has displayed the knowledge and the wisdom that would avert many worries for the world, the sort that Bush has plunged it into.

The Iraq debacle, preceded by the one in Afghanistan, convey the senseless plunder that has made the world poorer, indelibly scarred and increasingly dangerous. Its legacy is a loss in the trust in the US to act responsibly in global affairs.

With uncertainty and crisis spreading across the globe, the return of an America more tolerant and respectful of the international community is keenly awaited. The American people deserve some relief as do the rest of the world.

Still, the most abiding motif that Obama would represent is encapsulated in the Latin expression: ‘Ex Africa semper aliquid novi!’ which means, ‘something new always comes out of Africa’.

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