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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

McCain Sidekick and Propagandist Jerome Corsi Deported from Kenya at Midnight

McCain Sidekick and Propagandist Jerome Corsi was arrested in Nairobi Tuesday just as he was about to address a news conference to launch an anti-Obama smear campaign..........continues below

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Known for lying, the McCain team had sent Dr. Corsi to Kenya camouflaged as a tourist "to Kenya's renowned game parks" only to change his mission to that of distributing photocopied propaganda leaflets bound in a book he has named "The Obama Nation". The leaflets have nothing worth reading about, they are full of lies that have characterized the McCain campaign over the past weeks.

"The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality" has been heavily criticized worldwide for its inaccuracies in depicting Barack Obama. The main aim of his Kenyan trip was to spread the McCain smear campaign overseas. Dr. Corsi had intended to stay in Kenya for a month in the run up to the November 4th US presidential elections "to dig" for information about imaginary Obama links to Kenya. He know only too well that they don't exist.

But he was arrested before he could launch his smears and driven with an assistant, Mr Timothy M. Bueler, to Kenyan intelligence offices for questioning. It was later discovered that he had apparently come to Kenya as a tourist with the intentions to visit game parks and not launch a "book".

The two McCain sidekicks were held for four hours before being put on a British Airways midnight flight out of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi.

Kenyan immigration officials also impounded copies of the leaflets.

Since being nominated as the GOP presidential candidate, John McCain has been trailing the Democratic nominee in all opinion polls. In the latest polls, Obama has double digit lead in key battle ground states. The McCain campaign is now desperately in need of a miracle. The fire that the GOP running mate and Alaska governor Sarah Palin ignited in the McCain team has already been put off by the lack of experience and the petty lies she and John McCain have been peddling about Barack Obama - who is seen as more compassionate. She lacks experience in foreign policy matters, the economy - a key issue facing the US, and publicly admitted in one of the interviews that she does not understand the so called "Bush doctrine" - and yet she is supposed to offer leadership on matters such as the war in Iraq and global war on terror.

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Msanii_XL said...

To be fair he was not sent there by Mccain.and the guilt by association is double edged sword Obama supporters (I am on) should be using.