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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Now who is at war as McCain would want the world to believe?

Fact; no one is at war.

Throughout the 2008 US election campaign, John McCain seems to suggest that "He is ready to fight". One may ask, fight with whom, and for what? Votes? No you don't fight for votes, you convince the electorate to vote for you - based on your policies and what you you bring forth as a leader. Not imaginary fights.

"am American, Am ready to fight, we make history. Come fight with me?" all these shenanigans about fighting is unfounded at a time when the US should be redeeming its tattered international image. Many countries of the world view the US as a aggressor only interested in it's own interests. The US has never had any genuine interests in any part of the world, it is selfish and full of paranoia. It has set such a bad example.

Its policies over the past 8 years have pitted religions against each other. People against people. Brother against brother. There has been an escalation of terrorism throughout the world, not because the terrorists like what they do, but because they have been pushed to the limit. Terrorism is awful, it is a bad thing and should be condemned in the strongest terms possible, yet it is statements such as those of John McCain - of calling people to imaginary wars - that are making the world to be a very dangerous place. It breeds terror. John McCain should be condemned for promoting such tendencies.

Given its superpower status, the US is predisposed to police everything and everyone - which is OK. But there are extremes. Constant call for war is not leadership it is paranoia. Leadership at such a high level should be about calling Americans to be good citizen of the world. Average Americans are nice good people - great people, innovative and creative in positive ways - but some of their leaders are rotten to the core that they breed hatred from around the world.

In his constant cries to war, McCain claims to "have been tasted". Yes he has been tested (as he constantly claims) but has failed miserably on many occasions. He has failed on Iraq; He failed on Afghanistan; He failed on Georgia and thrown the US into a Russian trap that may lead into another cold war (or real war - should McCain live up to his constant call for wars).

Once people like John McCain realize that the NO ONE IS AT WAR with anyone - for any reason - the world will become a better place. We need peace in the world, not war fueled by useless war cries for votes. preach peace.

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