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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Situation in Kenya is So Sad (Warning: Contains Very Disturbing Pictures)

There is a very grave situation in Kenya at the moment that calls for international support to end violence that has rocked the counry over the past one month.Just Yesterday, a Kenyan Lawmaker was killed fuelling further violence across the country. Business is at a standstill, Losses are being reported and many workers are stranded since they cant report to work. Another strange twist is that most workers can nolonger go to their previous places of work if they happen to be from a different tribe because of fear of being lynched or bruttaly killed. My plee to Kenyans is to stop these sensless killings that will only damage the country's reputation and hurt its economy very badly.In the two pictures, bodies of Kenyans burnt alive at Naivasha while a woman brutally murdered at her house in the same location infront of her crying child. Its hard to imagine the horror going on in the childs mind or the people viewing bodies of the violently burnt Kenyans. This a very sad year for Kenya.

Please stop the Violence.


Anonymous said...

Second day, As planned and thought out, Eastlands is calm as sea, We the owners( Born and Raised) of Nairobi (Mtaa) will not allow any particular group to come from upcountry or the West for that matter to survive and lord over us in our own city and homes.

We will defend our home by Tooth n' Nail and Bullets for BLOOD.

Whether you are Luo or Kalenjin, the Blood of our brother MR.Were- The peacemaker. will be paid back a thousand times. We know he refused to be dictated too and we know someone killed him for political mileage. No one will destroy our BELOVED GREEN CITY IN THE SUN. In the neigbhoods, we know each other from childhood and we know those who came from upcountry, we know your characteristics. You cannot hide and will not escape. If you think Nakuru or Naivasha is anything to go by you are making a very dangerous conclusion. You will be surprised to see your own turn against you.
We are not Taliban, Bagdhad boyz or Mungikii we are the TRUE URBAN BRIGADE.

You can continue your envy of our city NAIROBI. But back off and leave us alone. Furthermore you never see us coming to your "JIMBO'S" for Hand-out's, Jobs or Land, We are the citizens of the capital and we are capitalistic in nature.

branded said...

The rage you have amazes, its very clear it doesnt matter what you, me or any other "mwananchi wa kawaida" says, the buck stops with our leaders, wherever you are from, we are all Kenyans. The two pictures you have just seen are of Kenyans killed and I believe you do not accept such kind of violence as a norm. Lets preach peace. Yes our last elections have issues very big issues and that need to be sorted out, but I doubt this can happen in such violence. I believe even if it takes 5, 10 or 20 years, justice will eventually be served. Its not such a long time.So please prewach peace.

motherland said...

NIAJE *"T.U.B."?(Howdy "T.U.B.")Good enough that eastlando my hood is "calm as sea" and i sincerely HOPE that it stays just that way.
This is my special humble appeal to you first of all thanking you for coming out of the woods and telling us that within the GREEN CITY IN THE SUN there is an army which claims to embrace all tribes and is indeed willing to take on any ragtag millitia.
Next I would like to humbly ask what would your next proactive step be in:
(a)stemming the blood birth going on in the city/preventing it from getting into hoods like "umo""D""FAREAST""GITHARE"(these are estates within EASTLANDO) and the rest.
(b)how do you intend to condemn or register your PROTESTS at the current MURDER of ORANGE politicians, or do you indeed COMMEND it.