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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Koffi Annan's Peace Mission doomed to fail as Another Kenyan Oposition MP is killed in cold blood

Another opposition (ODM) MP has been killed in Kenya, as violence continues over last month's disputed election. David Kimutai Too was shot dead Thursday and his body taken to Moi Teaching and Referal Hospital. The man was shot dead in the western town of Eldoret, said a spokesman for his Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

He is the second ODM MP to be killed this week. The shooting of Mugabe Were in Nairobi sparked violent clashes in slums seen as opposition strongholds.

Scanty reports indicate that "he was a victim of a love triangle" involving the police who apparently shot him. Whatever the reason, a wrong message has found its way home.

More than 850 people have been killed and 250,000 have fled their homes since the disputed presidential poll.

In an earlier post, the international press had published an article citing "kenya's collapse" now that appears to be imminent as the death of another MP may not go down well with the Kenyan people especially those from the Rift Valley Province. It is a very sad day for a country that has experienced peace for the last 40 years, it has been a source of hope to many conflict ridden African countries like Somali and Southern Sudan.

It is sad that Kenyan political elites are sending political messages the wrong way pitting Kenyans against each other. Reports that terror gangs have resurfaced has raised fears in the country forcing people to flee from their homes for fear of being killed by these gangs. It is unfortunate, unforgivable, unthinkable that a political message can be sent in this way. Just how possible is it that two Mps affiliated to the opposition get killed within hours when it was very clear that the opposition had more numbers in parliament. This is crazy, it is madness and should be condemned in the strongest terms possible.

The whole world is calling for peace to prevail in Kenya but some of our leaders appear not ready to embrace peace. This is putting to jeorpady the efforts by Koffi Annan and his team to broker peace in the country. It seems an invisible hand is playing dirty games just to stall the talks. During the first day of the peace talks the government ask for more time to "consolidate their position" on the matter. The meeting was supposed to proceed today but the new developments of killing an MP are bound to further delay the search for peace in this once beloved country. I mourn for Kenyans, may be this is the price for freedom. Its deplorable that it is happening in Kenya.


Anonymous said...

whatever they say this is one death that might worsen the situation. why now? why now? surely whats going on in kenya? has God forsaken us? pray not. all the same may peace prevail on us all and may God be with Kenya. AMEN.

ommo1 said...

The illegitimate government of Kenya is assasinating the opposition MPs, so as to gain control of the legislature. They know that through the Koffi Annan brokered talks they means and ways will be exposed. Their whole intention is to sweep things under the rug and continue massive corruption and later flee with the new wealth that they have amassed.
The illegitimate government is corrupt and is destroying the country.

Kenyanomics said...

AM I THE ONLY OPTIMIST LEFT ALIVE? Shame on Nyong'o for rushing to conclusions. The guy is a victim of a love triangle gone sour.


Anonymous said...

These guys (MP's) are being killed as a punishment from God, why do some people rush to conclusions that they are being assasinated by the goverment, by the way that is a punishment from God for what they have done to some innocent kenyans, why did they chase people out of their homes in Eldoret and other places, im a victim, misplaced, homeless and i believe all these MPs killings are punishments from God, And more are on the way if they dont repent, Lets wait!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you happen to be one of the many pessimists alive.apparently the lady with him was related and not lovers.the govt is out for ODM simple as that,for Ali to lie to us without even investigations is unfortunate,incompetent and uncalled for.