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Monday, April 2, 2007

Opportunity abounds in the african airline industry. Most renowned international airlines are now flying to Africa some doing daily flights in and out of major African cities. This trend is so evident in major cities across Africa and will continue until the industry regulates itself (hopefully). Virgin Atlantic will soon be doing daily flights in and out of Nairobi, which is an example of the numerous airlines plying the African route. Do you think that the African Airline market will be flooded given current trends?
I know it is good for business.


Benin "Mwangi" said...

Good story, I didnt know that they Virgin made it over to Kenya. Not sure, it seems like it may be early for me to say how this and the arrival of other airlines might affect the various African airline markets.

Once again, this is a great topic, one that we may be re-visiting soon!

branded said...

Yes Virgin Atlantic is all in Nairobi making Daily flights,in fact the company issued a full page ad for vacancies just yesterday. The Virgin Atlantic Boss Branson, was in Nairobi Last week to offially launch the airline.

benin "mwangi" said...

I like how you cover business stories. Your writing has a strong journalistic quality.

Thanks for the follow up, so should we in the Diaspora expect cheaper flights to KE now?

branded said...

I believe thats the idea. More affordable flights to Kenya should now be possible. One thing I really like to empasize in business is the use of the word affordable than cheap because the latter sounds cheap. (I caught you on that one!)
The use of the word cheap when describing products of whatever nature is really cheap. Just imagine yourself walking into your ofice in a suit that may be regarded cheap!
Affordable is the business word.
Thanks Benin for the hype, you said my business stries have a strong journalistic quality.