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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

“New magazine for Africa’s hospitality and tourism industry launches in Nairobi.”

May 11, 2009, Nairobi, Kenya - Mondeas Ltd, in conjunction with All Times Media, today unveils Host Africa magazine—“Africa’s leading hospitality and tourism resource”.

Targeting mid and top-level management, industry decision makers and suppliers, the magazine is designed as a business-to-business tool capturing in-depth analysis and insights into the hospitality and tourism industry regionally and globally.

The magazine presents an editorial mix of feature stories, news briefs and opinion pieces in a sophisticated, clean and professional design. It is structured to inform and inspire industry professionals to grow on the job and to help improve industry practices across the board.

“Through this product, managers will have access to informative and engaging articles of interest in such diverse areas as airlines, hotels, restaurants, telecommunication, travel, construction and industry suppliers,” says Ken Teyie, Editor Host Africa. “It is the perfect platform for industry decision makers to speak to one another about day-to-day business management challenges,” added Teyie.
Host Africa is working closely with the hospitality and tourism industry across Africa to provide key intelligence to those who need it most. Host Africa also highlights emerging global trends that will affect operations across the continent.

“We are proud to be part of a solution that will help grow the hospitality industry in Africa. Through this magazine, we will shed light on developments that have the potential of influencing the industry in both short and long term perspectives,” says Rand Pearson, Creative Director, Mondeas Ltd. “We have a world class tourism industry here, and it deserves a world class media product serving it.”

“This is exactly what we need as an industry,” says Hooman Ehsani, director of new developments Village Market. “No where else will you get such engaging content that targets you as a business manager locally. This publication will play an important role in bringing back confidence [in the industry], despite the reduction in tourist numbers in the region due to the global economic meltdown.”

Mondeas and All-Times Media will publish four editions of Host Africa in 2009, moving to six editions for 2010 and beyond. Currently the publishers are direct mailing 2500 copies to mid and high level managers across the region, and circulating another 1000 copies through local newsstand and promotional outlets. The publishers expect circulation to double by the end of the year.
“This really is the best-positioned advertising tool for those businesses interested in reaching high-level decision makers in the hospitality industry,” says Sapna Chandaria, Operations Director, Mondeas Ltd. “We’re not a mass-interest magazine; we target our market very precisely.”

Opened in 2007 and based in Nairobi, Mondeas Ltd is a custom media agency producing television program, magazines and websites. To learn more, go to
Host Africa is available via subscription and at selected newsstands in Nairobi.


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