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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kenyan Blog Reveals identity of US Visa-Ban minister

A controversial Kenyan blog, today revealed the identity of a Kenyan minister who has been banned from ever setting foot in the US.

The blog describes the minister as "very upset" by the move because there are indications that his family members and business associates will also be affected.

When issuing the Visa ban notice earlier in the week, US ambassador to Kenya, Michael Rannebager declined to give the name of the minister in question.

The blog says that the decision to ban Agriculture minister William Ruto was reached after an investigation conducted by the FBI, whose content are still secret. "It is sad that the contents of that investigation are secret because it would have been of great interest to long-suffering Kenyans" Kumekucha says.

As controversial as Kumekucha has been in the past (or seem to be currently), the blog has on numerous occasions accurately provided reliable information unavailable in the mainstream media.

However Kumekucha does not state whether it independently verified the information about the identity of the minister issued with a visa ban - only dwelling on information provided by what the blog calls "My information".


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Biche said...

Hehehehehe....too funny! I am still laughing. I can't wait to read the Kumekucha post.