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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Free web based press release center launched in Kenya

With the growth of internet users in Kenya, many businesses are also moving online. Recently launched is TG Press Release Center a web based press release center based in Nairobi Kenya.

The website is fully supported by online advertising and features relevant press releases from businesses across East Africa.

TG Press Release Center is part of TGEA (Teyie Global East Africa) online advertising network that is set to open its doors in the first quarter of 2009. According to information posted on the company's website, TGEA will offer targeted online advertising in East Africa through blogs, news sites and general websites.

"we are offering solutions that will allow both publishers and advertisers in East Africa to meet their online advertising objectives at affordable rates" says Mwangi the group's chief technologist.

TGEA is set to offer online ads for as low as two Kenya shillings (yes 2 shillings), to many businesses across East Africa. Additionally the group is also offering free web hosting and support to web content developers in the region to support the growth of their online advertising business.

TGEA is currently in talks with major publishers in the region and has in its stable a host of blogs already running network ads.

Mwangi says that the group is currently running free ads for interested companies in the region in the months of November and December through blogs and websites that have signed to the network. All interested firms, can register directly through a contact form on the TGEA website.

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