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Monday, September 8, 2008

"The man we need is John McCain" says George W. Bush

Guest Post:

They were bitter rivals in the 2000 presidential race, especially in the South Carolina Republican primary, where false rumors spread about McCain allegedly having a black child out of wedlock. Bush allies swore they had nothing to do with the attacks, but McCain intimates to this day are still not sure who was to blame.

Nevertheless, Bush and McCain patched things up in 2004. Bush was in a close race and needed McCain's independent bona fides, so the senator was a good soldier (probably with an eye on 2008) and campaigned vigorously for Bush. McCain has supported Bush 95 percent of the time during his two terms as president.

Now its time for President Bush to campaign vigorously for the John McCain/Sarah palin ticket to be able to clear any unfinished business in the white house. The war in Iraq needs to be won. The economy needs to be fixed. America needs to return to the world map not as an aggressor or a war monger but a peace loving development oriented superpower.

"We need a president who understands the lessons of September 11, 2001: that to protect America we must stay on offense, stop attacks before they happen and not wait to be hit again," Bush said. "The man we need is John McCain."

America does not need change that Barack Obama promises, it needs to clear its unfinished business and fix its economy. Only the George W. Bush, John McCain and Sarah Palin ticket can deliver such results. After all, George W. Bush has been tried and tested for the last 8 years and the results are out there for everyone to see. "The man we need is John McCain."

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