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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shocking Israeli Plot To Assassinate Obama Foiled In US

From: God Like Productions

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

FSB reports to Prime Minister Putin circulating in the Kremlin today are stating that an Israeli based plot to assassinate the United States Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Barack Obama has been foiled due to information relayed to American Intelligence Officials from Russian Military Forces who are still decrypting secret documents captured in Georgia from retreating Georgian special forces troops trained in Israel.

According to these reports, Russian forces had captured secret war documents, and plans, drawn up by former Israeli Brigadier General Gal Hirsch who commanded Israel’s forces during their disastrous 2006 war in Lebanon, who resigned prior to his being investigated for his war failures, and was in command of Georgian Military Forces during their, likewise, disastrous invasion of Russian protected South Ossetia.

Contained in these captured documents, these reports continue, was one titled “Operation Drago” which detailed the assassination plot in ‘great detail’, including its ‘main objective’ to foist blame for the killing of Barack Obama on Neo-Nazi connected White Supremacist groups based in the United States.

It is interesting to note that the American Democratic National Committee’s logo for their Denver, Colorado, convention has incorporated in it a depiction of the Drago Constellation, and which is described:

“For an observer on the Northern Hemisphere, the constellation Dragon is one of the mightiest and impresses monsters on the sky.

Like a snake he winds his body (tail of the Dragon) through the Little and the Great Bear in direction to the Pole Star, than he bends before the Kepheus in direction to Wega and the constellation Hercules (head of the Dragon).”

According to Western propaganda media reports on this plot we learn that a Neo-Nazi ‘outlaw biker gang’ called Sons of Silence were intended to be the partsies blamed for the assassination of Obama, even to the point of their ‘leader’, and who attempted to jump to his death prior to being captured, being named Shawn Adolf, in a not-so-transparent effort to better reinforce the American publics perceptions of whom to blame for this killing.

British reports state that Tharin Robert Gartrell had stated to US Intelligence Officials, that he and his co-conspirators “planned to kill Barack Obama at his acceptance speech by shooting him from a high vantage point using a rifle sighted at 750 yards”.

Russian Intelligence Analysts have long reported on the predilection of right-wing Israeli Military and Political factions to use assassinations as a ‘tool’ for the furtherance of their objectives in protecting their state against their enemies, which include the assassination of their own leader, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin murdered by conspiracy in 1995 prior to his making peace with the Palestinians.

Further driving the fears of the Israelis against Obama, and as we had reported on in our August 23rd report “Vatican Moves For Total US Takeover With Obama Vice President Pick”, is their knowing that they are about to be, literally, crushed by the tides of World War gathering force around them.

With an American Government fully controlled by Vatican forces, and who are long steeped in the Nazi racial beliefs of Western supremacy over all of the peoples of the World, and then coupled with the already existing apocalyptic Jewish religious belief system, one can, indeed, see that the Israelis greatest fears of total destruction are soon to be realized.

To the full outcome of these events it is not in our knowing, other than to state that based upon the past actions of the War Leaders of the United States, the retribution exacted against Israel will, no doubt, be swift in coming and brutal in its outcome.

After all, if the Roman Catholics have proved one thing, above all, over these past nearly 2,000 years, it is that they have no qualms, whatsoever, in mass deaths to further their aim of Total World Domination.

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