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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Clinton is more elitist than Obama, poll indicates, and he maintains a national lead in Dem race

Despite the much publicized and publicly criticized "cling to" guns and religion comments, Americans are more likely to think Hillary Clinton "looks down on the average American" than Barack Obama, according to a new poll.

The Gallup poll indicated that 32 percent of respondents think Clinton looks down on average Americans, compared to 26 percent thinking the same thing of Obama.

GOP presumptive John McCain was only seen as looking down on average American's by 22 percent of those answering the poll.

The numbers were similar to those saying which candidates respect average Americans (McCain, 71 percent; Obama, 69 percent; Clinton, 63 percent).

Among Democrats or those leaning Democrat, Obama had the best number, 15 percent, compared to Clinton's 18 percent and McCain's 30 percent. But among Republicans or those leaning Republican, McCain led by a wide margin, with 10 percent thinking of him as elitist, compared to 47 percent thinking that of Obama and 54 percent thinking that of Clinton.

In a separate poll, Obama has regained the 10 percent lead he had a week ago over Clinton among voters nationally (50-40 percent). Clinton had briefly closed the gap (and taken one point lead) after the Philly debate.

Both Democrats remain in what are essentially dead heats with McCain, according to the latest polling numbers.

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