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Thursday, March 27, 2008

It will be easier to elect a black man president than a woman.

It will be easier to elect a black man president than a woman.

Those are the words of former senator and 1972 Democratic presidential nominee George McGovern. He’s actually a Hillary Clinton supporter, but he says he feels that where this country stands today in its thinking, it’s going to be harder to elect a woman. He also says, “I wish that weren’t true… I’d love to see Hillary as president.”

McGovern says he sometimes hears from men who don’t think a woman is ready to assume the responsibilities of the top office in the land. Some worry it’s “too big a job” for a woman or that she wouldn’t be able to “handle those terrorists.” McGovern says he rarely hears the same concerns about a black man.

Some may question whether McGovern is just saying this stuff to lower the bar for his candidate, but a recent survey suggests he might be on to something. The CBS News poll shows 39% of those surveyed believe a woman candidate faces more obstacles in presidential politics today compared to 33% who feel that way about a black candidate. However, African-Americans disagree, saying by an overwhelming margin that black candidates have a harder time.

When asked if people they know have judged Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama more harshly because of race or gender, 42% say Clinton has had a tougher go of it and just 27 percent say Obama.

That’s despite the fact that polling shows Americans see racism as a much more serious problem for the nation overall than sexism.

Here’s my question to you: George McGovern, who supports Hillary Clinton, says it’ll be easier to elect a black man as president than a woman. Is he right?

Interested to know which ones made it on air?

Dee from Montclair, New Jersey writes:
I don’t agree with that at all. I think because it’s a Clinton it’s so, but another woman may not be the case. Personally I think this is a small-minded, stupid comment. The American people vote for a person who we feel is qualified, not based on gender or race. People like McGovern have small minds!

Ron from Richmond, Virginia writes:
Neither one has happened yet, Jack. Only time will tell, but Obama seems to be losing ground as Hillary gathers more supporters. One thing is for sure: the time of old white men running this country is about to change! McCain? Not a snowball’s chance in…. San Antonio!

J. writes:
George McGovern is a classic bigot, who owes a lot of favors to Bill and Hillary from when the two campaigned for him years ago. McGovern is another Hillary Clinton surrogate injecting the race card and whispering buzzwords to white voters in this already vicious Clinton campaign! Please try and understand what these old coots are trying to do at this stage in this already “lost cause” to further hurt Obama’s chance to win against McCain.

Amy from Woodstock, New York writes:
I am a woman and my answer is this: it is easier to elect a man who is sincere and transparent than it is to elect a woman who is dishonest and not transparent. Jack, this is not about gender and race. It is about who we can trust in this election. The Clintons have proven they can not be trusted. There are no joint tax returns for the past 6 years, there is no accountability, nor transparency. We have had enough of this political game.

Ralph from Long Island, New York writes:
He’s as correct on this as he was in making Thomas Eagleton his first choice as VP. In retrospect, not too shocking, really.

Kathy from Georgia writes:
Jack, I am more concerned that it is easier to elect someone with an IQ lower than their shoe size than I am about an African- American or woman.


Mark said...

To me I think it is harder to elect someone who is an independant thinker who will still listen to other people. Bush is an independant thinker but doesn't listen very well to the public. I think you need both.

branded said...

See your point. So Barrack or Hillary?
Thanks for stopping by.