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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Thumbs up to the King of African Bloggers:Benin Mwangi

Benin Mwangi. (picture: http://africareadyfor

I dedicate this post to someone I very highly respect and consider King of African Bloggers, given his influence on the African continent's blogging scene. At first he created "The Benin Epilogue Part I: Africa-Ready for Business" A business blogspot that has been enjoying very high hits compared to any other. If you read posts on this blog you will realize that we have individuals with genuine interest of improving the African image to the external world. The posts give a true down to earth and well thought out picture of this wonderful continent.

He took it further and created a much more customized blog to drive the point home that 'Africa is ready for business; in fact it has been for many, many centuries now. But while the emerging markets outside of Africa are generating tons business investment buzz, Africa has received little attention and has still boasted some of the highest returns imaginable. Come journey.....'
True to his words, Benin Mwangi has spearheaded and collaborated projects with other bloggers in his quest to bring business back to Africa. He will move the strongest of hearts to join him with action not just words. I am not blowing any trumpets Benin Mwangi and I welcome you to experience The King of African Bloggers by reading his posts on HERE and HERE

I am truly inspired by his dedication to Africa.
Keep it up, A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step.


Benin "Mwangi" said...


Your kind words are very moving. In fact though, I think that my sites are just a few out of the many strong Africa/business related blogs out there and there are some that I aspire to be more like-daily.

Like Imnakoya of Nigeria-Founder, African Loft.

Like Joshua Wanyama of Kenya- Founder, African Path

Like Hash of the States and Kenya- Founder,

Those are just a few of them. But to make a long story a little shorter...Upon getting started in blogging all that I wanted to do is just sound off on the issues that are important to me and to maybe make a few friends sharing similar interests. But it has become so much more, even though I don't get millions of visits, the visitors that do come often share their thoughts and dreams with me and that has become so much bigger.
Especially for a very shy guy like me.

Finally, you have the ingredients of a strong blog yourself. I like how your posts are wholly your original thoughts. On top of that, they are thoughts that are very constructive-keep it up and I am sure that something will come of it.

Thanks again for the very flattering post.

branded said...

I have just gone through the blogs that you have mentioned, they are good. One thing you need to know is that there is a difference between posting just any thoughts and posting quality thoughts that can make a difference in any of the intended readers.

Heru said...

talking business is alway interesting thing, you know when i have read something at business blogging , like at yours , i have found something new.

have a nice day.

branded said...

Thanks for passing by. Like you, I find business really interesting. I am reading your blog right now and I like it already. Have a blogging day!

Public Records said...

yes i agree with you heru, Business is an interesting thing, gives you challenge on your life.

i like to see more about these topic sooner

Thanks and have a nice day